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Ford Car Covers Online

There's no better way to protect your car, truck, or SUV from debris and weather during storage than a dependable OEM car cover. Car covers are removable barriers for a vehicle's exterior, though some are also made to protect interior upholstery. There are a variety of types of car covers for sale these days. Some are folding umbrellas that mount to your roof. Others are simple boxes that fold out and fold back up so they can be stored. Yet others are cocoon boxes that inflatable, or car tents that resemble and work like camping tents. The most common car cover, however, is a basic plastic sheet made from durable, usually repellent materials. Some have pockets to cover side mirrors and car spoilers, but a lot of them come generically shaped, fitting most cars and trucks straight from the factory. Exterior car covers are also usually heavier and thicker, therefore sturdier, than interior car covers. The former can have anchoring points for slippage prevention. Many are even waterproof, though not all are designed for breathability. Interior car covers, on the other hand, are usually lightweight, often made of woven soft-lined polyester, loose or fitted, and designed to shield car seats, electronics, and storable components such as jacks. Many are breathable, but not many are water- or liquid-proof. Wondering what car covers fit your vehicle? Go OEM. Genuine car covers come from the manufacturer tailor-made by make and model. Order yours from our auto parts counter online today and save!

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